Information Links

The following are links to external websites that I have found helpful or informative. If there is a link that you would like listed, please by all means let me know.

Federal Government Links

  • The Whitehouse
    The official U.S. Government Whitehouse website.
  • United States Government
    The United States Government website. A complete listing of all government websites is available from this single page.
  • The Social Security Administration
    The U.S. Social Security Administration Website.
  • Career One Stop Center
    Information on Federal employment opportunities for current or past military service members and their families. Also has links to state agencies and general job boards.

Colorado State Government Links

Colorado Springs Government Links

  • Colorado Springs City Government
    The Official Colorado Springs City Government website. Their link page offers information for most local, state and federal agencies.

Free Software Links

  • Microsoft Channel 8
    Microsoft Channel 8 offers 100% FREE software suites to students. This includes Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft Development Suite and Microsoft Expressions!
  • Image Burn
    100% DVD burning software.
  • Avast Antivirus Software
    The most amazing antivirus software I've ever used, 100% FREE for home use.
  • Gimpshop Photo Editing Software
    Gimpshop may not be a match for Photoshop, but it comes close and its free.
  • Open Office Suite
    Open Office offers a suite of 100% FREE programs that provide almost the same functionality as Microsoft Office.
  • AL Tools
    AL Tools offers a complete set of compression software, password managers and much more! 100% FREE for personal use.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy
    Spybot S&D is simply the best anti-spyware and spyware removal program around. 100% FREE.
  • VLC Media Player
    A 100% Free full featured Video/Audio media player.

Media & News Links

  • Radio Locator
    This website provides a list of all Radio Stations with links.
  • TV Station Listing
    Global Computing offers a searchable database of all U.S. TV stations with links. Offers links to Newspaper publishers and other sites of interest as well.
  • TV Guide
    TV Guide offers a complete listing of shows available for your viewing pleasure.

 Veteran Links

Misc. Links of Interest

  • Zeitgeist (Spirit of the Times)
    This website offers documentaries, two of the most interesting movies you will ever watch.
  • Suite 101
    If you have ever dreamt of writing a book or publishing, this is a great place to start. Offers information on writing.