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1  Scootertrash's Musings / Bikers Corner / At the end of one journey and onto the next. on: February 18, 2011, 06:03:43 PM
It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of my dearest friend Mike Hennessy, aka "Trash", "Scooter Trash", "Smoke". He passed away on Febuary 14th at 9pm in his home with his loving wife at his side.  Cry

There was only one Mike, if you met him, you would never forget him. There was nothing he would not do for a friend and if he called you a friend...he meant it.

I love you brother. B.F.F.B.

2  General Chat / Politics / National Healthcare on: August 04, 2009, 05:53:28 PM
This poll is to see how many agree or disagree with the proposed National Healthcare system being initiated by President Obama. While it is being initiated by him it has actually be proposed over the last 20+ years by both parties and neither has done anything to get the ball rolling.

Keep it real and vote based on what you honestly think, not by political affiliation.



08-09-09 (Edit)

Okay, just to facilitate things along since I'm sure most have never seen the actual it is!

Here is the physical web address so you can also read the supporting documents that prompted this bill.
3  General Chat / Politics / National Healthcare... on: August 04, 2009, 05:48:59 PM
What does everyone think of the National Healthcare system being proposed. If you agree or disagree, let me know why.
4  General Chat / General Discussion / Re: I gotza Yob! on: August 04, 2009, 05:44:52 PM
Yep to both, I'll be working out of Ft. Carson for now and after I finish I can transfer to any location in the world that the VA has an opening.

My boss at Ft Carson is quite a bit younger than I am but seems very cool with a good sense of humor. There are three others that I will be working with but havent met yet, their students as well so its a very cool gig from what I saw in the hour I was there.

Their main office is the next street over from my old unit and in front of the gym where we used to play B-ball every day after work. Funny how life always takes you back to the places you leave over the course of your life. Time tells all...maybe this time the story will have a happier ending.  Tongue

5  General Chat / General Discussion / I gotza Yob! on: August 04, 2009, 12:12:21 PM
Today is a fantastic day (as is everyday you wake-up breathing)!

I gotza Yob working my made crazy l33t skilz for da U.S. least that's how my kid would tell me.  Shocked

The Department of Veterans Affairs or V.A. has accepted my application and I will be working for my uncle 25 hours a week while attending college full time. Life is good...

BUT WAIT! It gets better Smiley

Upon completion of my 4 year degree, I go straight into a full time position with the V.A..

On the down side...the closest IT department for the V.A. is in Denver, but I don't need to worry about that for another 2.5-3 years, until then I get to work on a local military base and start in two weeks.

6  General Chat / General Discussion / Website and College Update on: July 28, 2009, 10:07:12 AM
My apologies for the busted website, something got out of sync while updating from my laptop and home computer and some of the pages may not function properly or at all.

I am currently working on some updates for the pages, new formatting and a new theme so as typical of all my updates...this might take a while.  Wink

The good news is that the new forums are working very well and are much more stable than the previous PHP, so I think I've found a keeper. This should prevent the loss of information and seemingly annual restarts.

As always, college is keeping me very busy but I'm about to finish my first year! I have taken a liking to programming, sick I know but its challenging, and I love a good challenge...hopefully I can keep my C++ and xHTML skills up to date and put what little I know so far to good use by creating some simple programs that someone might find useful.

I would also like to post some of the website templates that I have created over the years, though some are very dated. This website is perfect for a springboard to a myriad of resources. There are literally hundreds of disk in my collection containing everything from websites to hard to find shareware programs that vanished long ago that people might find useful.

Until then!

7  General Chat / General Discussion / Movie/Video Section Added on: June 06, 2009, 12:23:07 PM
A new section has been added to the main website for movies/video clips. The first video is up and ready for viewing! Hope everyone finds it enjoyable.

8  Product Reviews / Home Electronics / Panasonic 42" HD Plasma TV Model# TH42PZ80U on: June 02, 2009, 11:19:44 AM
This Plasma is simply amazing...

Built specifically for high altitude, the picture is crystal clear at 5700' above sea level. I purchased this unit for $899.00 in December of 2008 and it has worked flawlessly.

Features include:

Display Capabilities
Digital TV Standard   HDTV-Ready - Requires separate receiver to view HDTV signals. 
Broadcast Format Displayed   1080p (HDTV) • 1080i (HDTV) • 720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV) 

Broadcast Format Supported   1080p (HDTV) • 1080i (HDTV) • 720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV) • 525p • 525i • 625p • 625i • 576p • 576i 

Built-in Tuner   NTSC • PAL • SECAM • DVB 

Native Aspect Ratio   16:9
Interpolated Aspect Ratio  4:3 Enhanced, 14:9 Enhanced 

Aspect Ratio   Standard (4:3)
Image Quality
Comb Filter   3DYC / 3D Digital 

Display Resolution   1920 x 1080 pixels 

Adjustable Color Temperature   With Adjustable Color Temperature

Rear Input Connectors  Component x 3 • HDMI x 2 • Audio (RCA) x 3 

Front Input Connectors  S-Video x 1 • Composite x 1 • HDMI x 1 • Audio (RCA) x 1 
Rear Output Connectors  Composite x 2 • Audio (RCA) x 2 

Headphone Jack  With Headphone Jack 

Memory Card Slot   SD Card • SDHC Card 

Audio Features

Audio Type   Stereo 

Couple this with the 1000watt Panasonic DTS surround sound system and HD reciever/DVD Player and you have the entertainment center from hell.

For the most economical bang for the buck this system cannot be touched by ANYONE out there and blows the Sony models out of the water in picture quality. Check it out in your local electronics retailer, you won't be disappointed.

9  Product Reviews / Software / Spybot Search & Destroy on: June 02, 2009, 11:00:03 AM
Spybot Search & Destory is simply the best anti-spyware tool in the world. This program is updated constantly to ensure it catches more malware, spyware, trojans, hijackers and more than any other program I've seen.

Spybot is 100% FREE to use and it full featured. There are many knock-offs that try to use the name and sell the same product you can get from the link below for free. This is the anti-spyware program of choice for computer professionals. Please donate to help them out, it is well worth it.

This single program facilitated the removal of 14,440 spyware programs from a customers laptop computer recently. The TeaTimer feature prevents viruses and trojans from spreading by locking the system registry, an amazing feature that will save hours of heartburn in trying to corner the toughest viruses for erradication.

10  Product Reviews / Software / Avast Anti-Virus on: June 02, 2009, 10:51:16 AM
After using Avast for five (5) years, I can honestly say that it is the best Anti-Virus software I have ever seen on the market. Simple to install, easy to use, and I have never had a virus slip past it.

Avast Anti-Virus is 100% FREE for home use and is the only anti-virus program I recommend.

11  Product Reviews / Motorcycle Parts / Harley Davidson Fan Kit P/N: 91550-00C on: June 01, 2009, 07:07:40 PM
The Harley Davidson Fan Kit P/N: 91550-00C normally cost $379.95 and it's only saving grace with me is that I picked it up on a dealer clearance table brand new, in the unopened box for $10.00 otherwise some sales rep would be walking real funny right about now.

Here is what was found wrong with it;

1. The instructions were written by someone who apparently has no grasp of either the Harley design and/or the English language. Most of the instructions do not even apply to the bike it was sold for. The infantile illustrations are of almost no help what so-ever.

2. The chrome housing is flimsy at best and the high grade plastic fan it houses makes one wonder how they came to the conclusion it was worth almost $400.00.

3. The wiring harness it comes with is a sick joke and calls for relocation of the original horn to a position inside the front faring of the electra-glide series. As the horn is within a wire maze within the faring it cannot float free which means the horns unable to produce its normal car horn style melody, instead you get something along the lines of a sick-moose with a goose shoved up his butt.

4. The fan unit itself comes with three of the cheapest isolation mounts I have EVER seen and which promptly tore their selves in half due to shear force in less than 20 miles of road use, leaving the fan hanging by the wiring wrap.

The upside is this;

1. Anyone with any minor mechanical and electrical experience can figure out the wiring issues from the instructions calling for a connector that does not exist. At least they got the wire color-code correct.

2. Grainger Industrial Supply ( ) sells high quality isolation mounts with shear force values in the 20ft/lbs range pretty inexpensive. Three 1/4"-#20 mounts costing less than $12.00, save yourself the heartache and toss the ones the unit comes with.

3. Test the temperature sensor "BEFORE" you install it by holding it in indirect heat such as to the side of a torch for a few seconds until the fan kicks on. It's a pain in the butt removing the air intake to test it later when it doesn't work.

4. The silver stud the instructions call for that does not exist on new models of Harley Electra-Glides, is actually the positive battery post on the frame which is actually copper and looks nothing like the image the instructions point to.

5. The last upside is again, I got it for $10.00. Other wise I would not recommend this unit to anyone. Go with an oil cooler instead, it would most likely work a heck of a lot better than this (normally) overpriced junk.

Compared to some of the other Harley components I've purchased, this kit leaves a lot to be desired. Chrome components from Harley are typically sturdy and well made so I was shocked to find how poor the fan kits design was.

It would be more productive to mount an electric automotive cooling fan on the side of the bike and cover it with a chrome guard and would most likely cost less than half of this junk and work 10x better.

12  Ray's Musings / News Archives / A Good Education... on: May 31, 2009, 08:02:12 PM
A Good Education...

Everyone in the world wants the same thing in life. Live a long and "happy" life, have a "good" family", have a "good" child to make them proud and carry on the family name, have a fulfilling and rewarding job (trust me it will be a desire later).

There is however one thing standing in our

Picture if you will a world where everyone has a PHD, can you see Taco Bell or McDonalds being apart of that world?

Picture what it would be like if everyone lived a long and happy life, I can see starvation at an all time high and senior health care facilities going out of business.

A "good" child to make you proud and carry on the family name, 1.8 million law enforcement personnel out of work due to a lack of crime.

Having a fulfilling and rewarding job, all the psychiatrist going out of business due to lack of insanity.

There are two types of life on this planet, the hunters and the hunted. That is what balances life unfortunately and is part of the "natural" chain in the circle of life as we know it.

Yes I'm sure you think my philosophy is twisted to the extreme and a dark way to view life but in actuality it is quite the opposite and a perfectly "natural" way to look at life.

It is human nature to "compete", to be the top dog so to speak as to impress the opposite sex enough with our strength mentally, physically and financially that she will be dumb enough to bear our offspring at least until she finds out we're total slobs and to lazy to open our own beers and dumps us for the next impressive thing that comes along.

This is the way of the animal kingdom and the way of the human(imal) kingdom as well. If everyone was on top then there would be no struggle to enhance the gene pool of humanity with the next great advancement in our evolution. We would become stagnant and die just like every other species that has ran out of ideas or was stupid enough to stop long enough for the hunters to catch up while they were debating over the next "great step".

So for 100 million years the creatures of the world have either been running...or been chased. What makes us as humans special? We (at least that's what we keep deluding ourselves with) have the ability to "reason" (though I personally don't think the monkey that came up with that line of crap thought it through very well).

Unlike our animal kingdom brothers (and sisters!), we can chose our own "fate" in life, the individual paths that make us special and different from those around us. Sets us apart from the rest of the pack so that we can impress that ample busted or grotesquely muscular mate that might happen by.

This is where public education fits into the grand design...

From birth we are taught (filled to the brim with flights of fancy) that we are better than the other babies (dumb apes) in the day care center.

Taught that there can be only big massive monkey who determines who gets to make monkey love to which monkey and be the leader of the pack so to speak.

In Grade School we are taught to be "uniform", to accept social norms (like which monkey is above your station and beg banana's from). Brainwashed, programmed, deprogrammed, mind wiped and indoctrinated into the troop to make us part of the massive machine called the human race.

In Middle School we are tested, categorized and labeled in addition to reinforcement training in the areas of "social norms" to ensure a consistent batch of product has been created that will not sour the pallet of the "Chosen" who might be so unfortunate as to encounter one of the future troop members before their full programming has been completed.

In High School, our social skills are put to the test. Who can lie the smoothest, who is the "buffest", who is the "coolest", who is better than who, who can spit farther, who can stick the most chewing tobacco (its cool to be stupid) in their mouth without hurling so hard it causes their breath to stink like their underwear and the pentacle of learning is how to hide it all and act proper when the "Chosen" are watching.

Yes our 14 years of basic education is a wonder to behold...oh but wait!

As a teacher once told me, "School was created to produce uniformity in education". This is fine and dandy if your "normal" or "average" (one of the fruit gathers in the troop) but what if your not to bright (keep falling out of the damn tree) or really gifted (learned how smash nuts with a rock) well it seems then your pretty much screwed (which is what happens to most of the fruit gathers later anyway).

In College you are taught to do all manner of tricks to attract the attention of the smartest and strongest of the "Chosen" who if impressed enough with your mindless "polyphonic" recitals, will provide you with a "higher position" than normally obtainable by the "lesser" (fruit gathers) and lavish you with attention and gifts (pick the lice out of your hair if you pick theirs). But there is a problem with this you see...

If all the mon...err humans were taught on the same level then that would mean the "Chosen" would become confused (more so than normal) and there would be no one to do the lesser chores of the socially elite (gather the fruit and pick lice...) thus the "inner circle" was created to protect the "Chosen" and prevent utter chaos (Utopia) from occurring thus saving the world (in their minds at least).

Society was divided on purpose you see. Everyone does have the same "potential" (don't tell the "Chosen" I let that secret out) but are not "afforded" the same opportunity and this is what creates the various "social classes" that we have lovingly grown to hate.

The knowledge is there for everyone to free their selves and their minds from the programming suffered under the ruthless lice pickings of the "Chosen" elite caste, but they have long ago found that if they tell you your nothing but a fruit picker often enough and long enough you will accept your place and pick the damn fruit for them. Living out your life feeling fulfilled thus solidifying their ruler ship over the troop for another generation.

Yes some babies are born on the ground (in poverty) and some in the treetops (in wealth) but with a little practice those on the ground can climb the tree and join them (despite their howling and dung flinging) maybe even in some cases knock their noisy bright red hairless ass out of the tree altogether.

Don't let "ANYONE" tell you your stupid or can never amount to anything (other than gathering fruit or picking lice)...the only person in life that can ever prevent you from being anything you can dream of

Originally Posted on in 2005 by Raymond Bilyeu
13  Ray's Musings / News Archives / Good and Evil Part II… on: May 31, 2009, 07:59:44 PM
Good and Evil Part II…

Natural disasters are amazing things…

The shear magnitude of the destruction caused by hurricanes is almost beyond comprehension. The speed of which an earthquake can level entire cities. The raw primal power of a tornado can cause buildings to literally explode from the sudden vacuum as well as drive projectiles through cement walls almost a foot thick.

Yes Mother Nature is an awesome sight to behold in her fury as well as her gracious beauty both will bring tears to the witness’s eyes…

Personally I have seen many tornadoes in my life, most in Oklahoma and Kansas but one very close and personal going through the field next to our house as a child growing up. The sound is unforgettable…we were lucky though and escaped with some roof repair on our barn. It picked half of the roof up and flipped it over on the other half and though I was told to stay away from the windows (which were all opened to prevent them from blowing out) it was like telling a 3 year old not to eat candy… I watched in a mixture of horror and awe…

As a young boy I did not fully understand all that transpired that day but reflecting back I have noted several consistencies between what happened to us and what still happens even today.

People that fought like cats and dogs turn into the most compassionate people in the world in times of crisis. Offering everything under the sun to assist those victimized by such disasters, even sharing houses and helping repair or replace items damaged or destroyed.

The human mind is such a strange thing… We pride ourselves on our “humanity” yet we are on a normal given day “inhumane” to those around us. Cutting one another off in traffic, stealing from those we know, lying to those we don’t, yes the human race is a splendid thing to behold.

During a time of crisis this all changes…

We become that “humane” society we pretended to be. Weeping at the suffering of our fellow countrymen or those from around the tiny little ball of dust we share. In this time of crisis we drown the “victims” in cloths, food, fresh drinking water, medical care and helping hands to rebuild what was destroyed. Sometimes we provide counseling to those who suffered trauma.

Is all of this because it was the right thing to do? Is it really the humane thing to do? Why of course it is, don’t be silly…What did you think I was going to say? But here is something to ponder…

Why did it take a disaster to make us take action and help these people? Did you think those poor jobless people in Louisiana didn’t need help before their town was buried under ten feet of water? Did you think that those senior citizens whom drowned because the care center owners left them behind to save their selves did not require our attention?

The police officers who quit their jobs out of shear hopelessness in the face of this devastation during a time of crisis. The police officers who actually helped loot the businesses they were there to protect. Those healthy people, who piled onto buses and left the sick or injured behind, in an effort to save their selves.

Perhaps it was not the victims we should have helped…perhaps it was the “citizens” who lived in this city before the tragedy ever occurred.

As explained in my last article regarding “Good and Evil” it does little good to restore the breathing if the patient bleeds to death…

Perhaps we should not try to cover those feelings of guilt with donations of money and food to people whom just weeks before we thought were beneath us or perhaps never thought of at all.

Perhaps we should have stepped in and helped these people with the same unity we demonstrate only after they have the audacity to die on public TV and place the burden of doing the “humane” thing upon our weary shoulders. Is humanity only “humane” after it is shocked into reality from guilt? How sad…

What good does it do to feed a starving man with food if he starves to death from lack of morality? Once the human race can learn to care for each other “all the time” instead of when required to appear kind and compassionate to those watching, only then will we be worthy of the title “humane”.

Again those haunting words of “I’m only one person, what can I do?” come to mind…and again I say…”It’s a good thing our founding fathers didn’t think that way”.

Perhaps we should not worry about how little we can do, perhaps we should just do something other than ask such a self defeating and obviously not well thought out statement…”what can I do?”…anything you want…of course…

Originally Posted on 2007 by Raymond Bilyeu
14  Ray's Musings / News Archives / Take two and see me in the morning... on: May 31, 2009, 07:57:26 PM
Take two and see me in the morning...

Anyone else besides me notice the bum rush of prescription drug ad's on TV in the last few years? It seems mankind has reached the pinnacle of human evolution and its ability to pharmaceutically direct the future of humanity.

Your skin flake? We have a pill to fix it! Your brain not firing on all cylinders? That's ok too we have a pill to help you right along!
Tummy not doing to well? Not a problem, now you have more variety of peptic pills than there are varieties of toilet paper (careful there, most will leave you with a finger full of shit or chap your ass till it bleeds! But that's another story...)

Have toe nails that look like planks of rotten wood? Not a problem because guess what? Yep we have a pill now for that too! Dragon breath? You got it! A wonder drug of modern technology!

Of course most of these drugs have some rather nasty side effects like rectal bleeding, vomiting, migraines, stomach ulcers, liver damage, heart attacks, and erections that may last longer than four hours but HEY! That's ok! Because they have pills to help with the side effects too!

So don't be depressed, they have a pill to make you happy. If you feel your to happy, they have a pill to calm you down. If you feel life has you bent over a table you can *POP* a couple and screw life right back over! Course if you suffer from rectal bleeding after life screws you over you might want to stop taking the wonder drugs long enough to make sure it was actually life that got a hold of you...

But fear not! If it wasn't life that got you in the "End" we have a pill to help you forget! So *POP* a couple more and I'll cya the next time your lucid! Shocked

Originally Posted on 2007 by Raymond Bilyeu
15  General Chat / General Discussion / College Update on: April 30, 2009, 01:52:49 AM
Yes I smelled it properly this time Trash!  Tongue

School is going very well indeed, still hammering away at full time, four days per week. Loving every second of those three day weekends which leave me lots of play time.  Grin

This quarter I am taking formal C++ classes which are rather easy so far but should become more interesting as they progress. Having dabbled in C++, Visual Basic, C#, HTML, and xHTML for the last 12 years was a definite head start.  Tongue

It has came to  my attention just how much debugging sucks... it's funny how programs for website development will show you almost exactly where errors are located, while a grossly expensive software suite such as MicroSoft Development Suite manages to show you which file the error is in...(Yeah I'm being snarky  Lips sealed ) My last program drove me nuts for almost a week because the compiler was throwing an error on a line that was fine, while the actual problem was as simple as changing "<<" too ">>" on a completely different line... go figure...

But...I love coding, pretty sick I know. It's like crack, once you've tasted it and created something, it's hard to stop even if you know it will make you fat and all your hair will fall out. Might actually change my major to Software Engineering...yep, I'm that sick in the head, but those of you who know me already knew that!  Cool

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