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Author Topic: Good and Evil Part II…  (Read 2570 times)
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« on: May 31, 2009, 07:59:44 PM »

Good and Evil Part II…

Natural disasters are amazing things…

The shear magnitude of the destruction caused by hurricanes is almost beyond comprehension. The speed of which an earthquake can level entire cities. The raw primal power of a tornado can cause buildings to literally explode from the sudden vacuum as well as drive projectiles through cement walls almost a foot thick.

Yes Mother Nature is an awesome sight to behold in her fury as well as her gracious beauty both will bring tears to the witness’s eyes…

Personally I have seen many tornadoes in my life, most in Oklahoma and Kansas but one very close and personal going through the field next to our house as a child growing up. The sound is unforgettable…we were lucky though and escaped with some roof repair on our barn. It picked half of the roof up and flipped it over on the other half and though I was told to stay away from the windows (which were all opened to prevent them from blowing out) it was like telling a 3 year old not to eat candy… I watched in a mixture of horror and awe…

As a young boy I did not fully understand all that transpired that day but reflecting back I have noted several consistencies between what happened to us and what still happens even today.

People that fought like cats and dogs turn into the most compassionate people in the world in times of crisis. Offering everything under the sun to assist those victimized by such disasters, even sharing houses and helping repair or replace items damaged or destroyed.

The human mind is such a strange thing… We pride ourselves on our “humanity” yet we are on a normal given day “inhumane” to those around us. Cutting one another off in traffic, stealing from those we know, lying to those we don’t, yes the human race is a splendid thing to behold.

During a time of crisis this all changes…

We become that “humane” society we pretended to be. Weeping at the suffering of our fellow countrymen or those from around the tiny little ball of dust we share. In this time of crisis we drown the “victims” in cloths, food, fresh drinking water, medical care and helping hands to rebuild what was destroyed. Sometimes we provide counseling to those who suffered trauma.

Is all of this because it was the right thing to do? Is it really the humane thing to do? Why of course it is, don’t be silly…What did you think I was going to say? But here is something to ponder…

Why did it take a disaster to make us take action and help these people? Did you think those poor jobless people in Louisiana didn’t need help before their town was buried under ten feet of water? Did you think that those senior citizens whom drowned because the care center owners left them behind to save their selves did not require our attention?

The police officers who quit their jobs out of shear hopelessness in the face of this devastation during a time of crisis. The police officers who actually helped loot the businesses they were there to protect. Those healthy people, who piled onto buses and left the sick or injured behind, in an effort to save their selves.

Perhaps it was not the victims we should have helped…perhaps it was the “citizens” who lived in this city before the tragedy ever occurred.

As explained in my last article regarding “Good and Evil” it does little good to restore the breathing if the patient bleeds to death…

Perhaps we should not try to cover those feelings of guilt with donations of money and food to people whom just weeks before we thought were beneath us or perhaps never thought of at all.

Perhaps we should have stepped in and helped these people with the same unity we demonstrate only after they have the audacity to die on public TV and place the burden of doing the “humane” thing upon our weary shoulders. Is humanity only “humane” after it is shocked into reality from guilt? How sad…

What good does it do to feed a starving man with food if he starves to death from lack of morality? Once the human race can learn to care for each other “all the time” instead of when required to appear kind and compassionate to those watching, only then will we be worthy of the title “humane”.

Again those haunting words of “I’m only one person, what can I do?” come to mind…and again I say…”It’s a good thing our founding fathers didn’t think that way”.

Perhaps we should not worry about how little we can do, perhaps we should just do something other than ask such a self defeating and obviously not well thought out statement…”what can I do?”…anything you want…of course…

Originally Posted on 2007 by Raymond Bilyeu
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