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Author Topic: A Good Education...  (Read 3550 times)
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« on: May 31, 2009, 08:02:12 PM »

A Good Education...

Everyone in the world wants the same thing in life. Live a long and "happy" life, have a "good" family", have a "good" child to make them proud and carry on the family name, have a fulfilling and rewarding job (trust me it will be a desire later).

There is however one thing standing in our

Picture if you will a world where everyone has a PHD, can you see Taco Bell or McDonalds being apart of that world?

Picture what it would be like if everyone lived a long and happy life, I can see starvation at an all time high and senior health care facilities going out of business.

A "good" child to make you proud and carry on the family name, 1.8 million law enforcement personnel out of work due to a lack of crime.

Having a fulfilling and rewarding job, all the psychiatrist going out of business due to lack of insanity.

There are two types of life on this planet, the hunters and the hunted. That is what balances life unfortunately and is part of the "natural" chain in the circle of life as we know it.

Yes I'm sure you think my philosophy is twisted to the extreme and a dark way to view life but in actuality it is quite the opposite and a perfectly "natural" way to look at life.

It is human nature to "compete", to be the top dog so to speak as to impress the opposite sex enough with our strength mentally, physically and financially that she will be dumb enough to bear our offspring at least until she finds out we're total slobs and to lazy to open our own beers and dumps us for the next impressive thing that comes along.

This is the way of the animal kingdom and the way of the human(imal) kingdom as well. If everyone was on top then there would be no struggle to enhance the gene pool of humanity with the next great advancement in our evolution. We would become stagnant and die just like every other species that has ran out of ideas or was stupid enough to stop long enough for the hunters to catch up while they were debating over the next "great step".

So for 100 million years the creatures of the world have either been running...or been chased. What makes us as humans special? We (at least that's what we keep deluding ourselves with) have the ability to "reason" (though I personally don't think the monkey that came up with that line of crap thought it through very well).

Unlike our animal kingdom brothers (and sisters!), we can chose our own "fate" in life, the individual paths that make us special and different from those around us. Sets us apart from the rest of the pack so that we can impress that ample busted or grotesquely muscular mate that might happen by.

This is where public education fits into the grand design...

From birth we are taught (filled to the brim with flights of fancy) that we are better than the other babies (dumb apes) in the day care center.

Taught that there can be only big massive monkey who determines who gets to make monkey love to which monkey and be the leader of the pack so to speak.

In Grade School we are taught to be "uniform", to accept social norms (like which monkey is above your station and beg banana's from). Brainwashed, programmed, deprogrammed, mind wiped and indoctrinated into the troop to make us part of the massive machine called the human race.

In Middle School we are tested, categorized and labeled in addition to reinforcement training in the areas of "social norms" to ensure a consistent batch of product has been created that will not sour the pallet of the "Chosen" who might be so unfortunate as to encounter one of the future troop members before their full programming has been completed.

In High School, our social skills are put to the test. Who can lie the smoothest, who is the "buffest", who is the "coolest", who is better than who, who can spit farther, who can stick the most chewing tobacco (its cool to be stupid) in their mouth without hurling so hard it causes their breath to stink like their underwear and the pentacle of learning is how to hide it all and act proper when the "Chosen" are watching.

Yes our 14 years of basic education is a wonder to behold...oh but wait!

As a teacher once told me, "School was created to produce uniformity in education". This is fine and dandy if your "normal" or "average" (one of the fruit gathers in the troop) but what if your not to bright (keep falling out of the damn tree) or really gifted (learned how smash nuts with a rock) well it seems then your pretty much screwed (which is what happens to most of the fruit gathers later anyway).

In College you are taught to do all manner of tricks to attract the attention of the smartest and strongest of the "Chosen" who if impressed enough with your mindless "polyphonic" recitals, will provide you with a "higher position" than normally obtainable by the "lesser" (fruit gathers) and lavish you with attention and gifts (pick the lice out of your hair if you pick theirs). But there is a problem with this you see...

If all the mon...err humans were taught on the same level then that would mean the "Chosen" would become confused (more so than normal) and there would be no one to do the lesser chores of the socially elite (gather the fruit and pick lice...) thus the "inner circle" was created to protect the "Chosen" and prevent utter chaos (Utopia) from occurring thus saving the world (in their minds at least).

Society was divided on purpose you see. Everyone does have the same "potential" (don't tell the "Chosen" I let that secret out) but are not "afforded" the same opportunity and this is what creates the various "social classes" that we have lovingly grown to hate.

The knowledge is there for everyone to free their selves and their minds from the programming suffered under the ruthless lice pickings of the "Chosen" elite caste, but they have long ago found that if they tell you your nothing but a fruit picker often enough and long enough you will accept your place and pick the damn fruit for them. Living out your life feeling fulfilled thus solidifying their ruler ship over the troop for another generation.

Yes some babies are born on the ground (in poverty) and some in the treetops (in wealth) but with a little practice those on the ground can climb the tree and join them (despite their howling and dung flinging) maybe even in some cases knock their noisy bright red hairless ass out of the tree altogether.

Don't let "ANYONE" tell you your stupid or can never amount to anything (other than gathering fruit or picking lice)...the only person in life that can ever prevent you from being anything you can dream of

Originally Posted on in 2005 by Raymond Bilyeu
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