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Author Topic: Harley Davidson Fan Kit P/N: 91550-00C  (Read 24016 times)
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« on: June 01, 2009, 07:07:40 PM »

The Harley Davidson Fan Kit P/N: 91550-00C normally cost $379.95 and it's only saving grace with me is that I picked it up on a dealer clearance table brand new, in the unopened box for $10.00 otherwise some sales rep would be walking real funny right about now.

Here is what was found wrong with it;

1. The instructions were written by someone who apparently has no grasp of either the Harley design and/or the English language. Most of the instructions do not even apply to the bike it was sold for. The infantile illustrations are of almost no help what so-ever.

2. The chrome housing is flimsy at best and the high grade plastic fan it houses makes one wonder how they came to the conclusion it was worth almost $400.00.

3. The wiring harness it comes with is a sick joke and calls for relocation of the original horn to a position inside the front faring of the electra-glide series. As the horn is within a wire maze within the faring it cannot float free which means the horns unable to produce its normal car horn style melody, instead you get something along the lines of a sick-moose with a goose shoved up his butt.

4. The fan unit itself comes with three of the cheapest isolation mounts I have EVER seen and which promptly tore their selves in half due to shear force in less than 20 miles of road use, leaving the fan hanging by the wiring wrap.

The upside is this;

1. Anyone with any minor mechanical and electrical experience can figure out the wiring issues from the instructions calling for a connector that does not exist. At least they got the wire color-code correct.

2. Grainger Industrial Supply ( ) sells high quality isolation mounts with shear force values in the 20ft/lbs range pretty inexpensive. Three 1/4"-#20 mounts costing less than $12.00, save yourself the heartache and toss the ones the unit comes with.

3. Test the temperature sensor "BEFORE" you install it by holding it in indirect heat such as to the side of a torch for a few seconds until the fan kicks on. It's a pain in the butt removing the air intake to test it later when it doesn't work.

4. The silver stud the instructions call for that does not exist on new models of Harley Electra-Glides, is actually the positive battery post on the frame which is actually copper and looks nothing like the image the instructions point to.

5. The last upside is again, I got it for $10.00. Other wise I would not recommend this unit to anyone. Go with an oil cooler instead, it would most likely work a heck of a lot better than this (normally) overpriced junk.

Compared to some of the other Harley components I've purchased, this kit leaves a lot to be desired. Chrome components from Harley are typically sturdy and well made so I was shocked to find how poor the fan kits design was.

It would be more productive to mount an electric automotive cooling fan on the side of the bike and cover it with a chrome guard and would most likely cost less than half of this junk and work 10x better.

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