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Author Topic: A World Divided...  (Read 2639 times)
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« on: April 14, 2009, 12:29:58 PM »


As the primordial urge to stampede with the pack surges through investors minds, as the media disseminates doom and gloom, as the needy and beggars’ line up and wait for their daily rationings of financial assistance, we wait. What will tomorrow bring, what sign of hope can it offer, what faint glimmer of light will appear to lead us into the morrow? The worlds’ nations scurry to correct the wrong, fingers fly towards suspects, like a wounded animal they snarl to defend what little is left, a world divided it would seem.

A World Divided…

Global economy, global chaos, what has become of the world we knew and trusted during times of prosperity, now turned upon its ear and all for the want of answers. Each nation around the world seems to have been hit hard by these dire economic times and when in pain, it is instinctive to seek protection and to guard one’s own from further loss. The media revels in the chaos as each person clings to their every word for that faint glimmer of hope, but all wait in vain, at least for today.

The headlines around the world paint a bleak portrait of recent economic events as each takes their turn postulating their dark predictions for the future and therein lies the problem.  What community, what state, what nation can stand against these turbulent times when divided even amongst their self. How can a world divided hope to make a stand and right the ships course when few can agree on the destination. In this dire article, written in dire times, we shall look at today’s headlines and speculate at what the morrow may bring. In the sole topic of our research, titled “Doom and Gloom”, we shall look at the state of world economics as portrayed by the media en-mass.

Doom and Gloom

In today’s headlines of doom and gloom, an article of note stood out, “EU Split on Rescue Plan” ( Reuters, 2008 ), this is disturbing as these nations once stood united and thrived through their cooperative efforts. If the European Union cannot agree on matters, what does that mean to the rest of the world? Can the United States of America reach an agreeable solution to the current situation when other nations around the world cannot? Blaming the US housing market for initiating the world wide economic meltdown, Daniel Trotta (reporter for Reuters) stated that it has caused the devaluation of currency around the globe and questions its survivability in the long term as more nations sell off their “Greenback dollar-denominated assets”  (Reuters, 2008) further pushing the US economy into a downward spiral. At a record level of unemployment not seen since the 1980’s, the US is in a very vulnerable position considering its debt to foreign nations and innability to repay their obligations.

Germany denounced the EU’s plan to issue $200 billions in bailouts to member countries, citing that their stimulus effects are unproven and would place the EU in the same arena as the US, flinging dollars at problems in the hopes they will go away. The EU is concerned over the US bailout of the automotive industry, if these three manufacturers fail the reprocussions felt around the world could spell dire consequences for any short term prospects of a recovery.  (Reuters, 2008). So for now we must wait and watch with baited breath as to how these nations will determine our fate.


Between the media hype and the governments seeming lack of definitive answers to the economic woes, the future does not look promising. With other nations around the world questioning their own short term solutions to the problems, investors seem to be losing their confidence in the global markets, compounding the difficulties ahead. How it will all turn out is anyone’s guess, how they will address the causes behind the problem to prevent future relapses should be everyone’s prime concern. Until then…



Reuters. (2008, December 11). EU Split on Rescue Plan. Retrieved December 11, 2008, from

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